Google has announced overnight that you’ll no longer see ‘disruptive’ ads in the Chrome browser from July this year.

This new feature will begin rolling out from July 9th 2019, and will prevent advertisements that violate the Coalition for Better Ads’ Better Ads Standards from appearing on sites regardless of which country you live in, or access the site from.

Once the filter goes live, Google has said that it will block out 12 different types of ads identified as causing frustration to users. The 12 different types of ads that will be blocked include pop-ups, auto-playing videos, full-screen ads, along with pre-stitial ads that generally appear before a page has even fully loaded.

If a website is found to be repeatedly and continually displaying any of the ad types listed above that have been blocked by the new filter, Google will immediately stop displaying any of its own ads on the website. Google will, before removing its ads, inform and provide website owner(s) with tools that will help clarify which ads are allowable and what ads contravene the new filter rule.

The ad-filter feature was rolled out to users in the USA, Canada, and Europe earlier this year but will go global on July 9th 2019. Google has said that the new filter feature has already pushed a number of publishers into adopting better ads, with two-thirds of all publishers who had non-compliant ads on their site are now compliant with the company’s new filter policy, with Google reporting that less than 1% of of sites have had their ads filtered.

Source: Chromium Blog (Google Chrome).
Via: Engadget.
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This has to be a good thing for the public, even if there is s small update impost on website owners (to be fair, they shouldn’t still be using these primitive ads anyway). It may not go far enough for some people, but we need advertising on the Web to keep it alive, and free. For my money, pop-ups are disabled on all of my browsers so they don’t matter, pop over windows /frames are super annoying, but my script blockers or adblock prevents most of them (perhaps the new chrome feature will get rid of them altogether). Then there… Read more »


Awesome, I have several browsers, but if it as good as you say, might become a favourite.


I like these additions. I absolutley hate pop-ups and videos that play automatically.