When the Chromecast Audio first disappeared from the Play Store in October, it appears news of the cheap audio device’s demise may have been premature. Quickly after disappearing, it was back, and the Chromecast Audio continued to bring dumb speakers kicking and screaming into the modern age of streaming.

However, it seems the reprieve was brief.

This evening, a Reddit user has reported official feedback from Google indicating that the Chromecast Audio is now gone, for good. The confirmation came after user joliolioli placed an order for a Chromecast Audio over Christmas which was more recently cancelled.

Upon querying the reason for the cancellation, they claim to have been advised by Google Support that the Chromecast Audio is no more. There are also no Chromecast Audio in stock overseas, suggesting they’re done.

You can, however (at the time of writing) still find the Chromecast Audio on the Australian Google Store, but it’s unclear how long that will be the case.

For now, at least, for $59 you can still bring your stereo or other audio gear into 2019 by adding streaming capability. Sadly, however, it seems this won’t last for long and the push is on to replace streaming speakers with full-blown smart speakers instead.

After three and a bit years of Chromecast Audio, having debuted in 2015, it’s probably time to thank Chromecast Audio for the memories (I quite enjoyed mine for a while) and wish it well.

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Thanks for the warning, Chris. I’ve been idly considering getting one for a while now. I’ve just ordered one from the Australian Google store – should be here in a few days. Hey, maybe they will end up being a collector’s item some day!

Max Luong

Sad. I have two CCAs, each attached to their own hifi systems via the digital out, which is a feature that’s unique to the CCA.

You won’t be able to do this any more because none of the other Chromecasts have digital out. Not all amplifiers can receive audio via HDMI. Why kill something and not offer an alternative?