With a growing focus on the mid-tier in smartphones, Lenovo’s Moto is one of the big players; it’s mid-range phones have been popular for a while now, and the Moto G7 is the next expected release. With some leaked renders, we now have a better idea what it’s going to look like.

Slash Leaks has released some renders of the new Moto G7, which show the phone off from a number of angles.

The renders don’t show us anything new about the Moto G7, per se, but they do give us a good look at the design that Moto has chosen:

The design from the rear is very Moto, and from the front I’m reminded of the LG G6. That bottom bezel is reasonably large by 2018-19 standards, but the other bezels are pretty minimal. The tear-drop style notch is unremarkable, and thankfully fairly non-intrusive.

What are we expecting with the Moto G7? A dual rear camera is shown, a fingerprint sensor below the camera (under the Motorola batwings logo), a USB-C port for charging and a 3.5mm headphone jack.

The lineup will likely feature the entry-level Moto G7, mid-level Moto G7 Play, and the top range Moto G7 Plus. We use those labels, but realistically, the Moto G7 range will be pitched at the mid-range market (think under $800-900 AUD at most).

We should learn more from Moto at MWC19.

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I ended up swapping my OP 6T for a Moto G6 Plus, and am much happier now. Quite the step back in specs, but it still runs well enough and the software fits me much much better. Camera is pretty lame, but figured that would be the case going in. Fingers crossed the Z4 ends up being better!