Now live in Australia: Google Pay begins letting users assign names to payment cards

If your Google Pay wallet is like mine, chances are there’s a couple of different cards in there. Chances are, you can’t necessarily remember which one is which by the last 4 digits. I know I can’t – I’m more visual than that.

Fortunately, for people like me, Google is making a change. Soon, you’ll be able to assign names to your cards in Google Pay, and easily see which one’s which.

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Google is releasing the feature slowly, with only some users able to use it presently. It’s not showing up on my phone, but it has been reported by some users in the US thanks to Android Police.

The feature first showed up in November, alluded to by a code change. Google allowed card nicknames in Android Pay (way back when), but with the change to Google Pay, the feature disappeared. Well, it now seems it’s coming back. Here’s how it looks:

The process for setting a nickname is easy – click the card you want to change, click on “Add Nickname”, and off you go. The feature is limited to cards at this stage – you can’t nickname bank accounts – but that’s probably more than good enough.

Feature changes like this are simple and add a lot to the user experience, so we’re hoping Google let us in on this soon.

Last modified on 14 January 2019 8:44 am

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