Samsung’s Galaxy S10 (along with perhaps a few other things) is set to launch at their Unpacked 2019 event on February 20 in San Francisco. With a little over a month until the big day, the company has set about the good old-fashioned task of teasing us all about just what it is they’ll be launching.

A series of large billboard signs has appeared around Paris’ Place de la Concorde over the weekend, arranged in pairs – one featuring large Korean lettering, and the other a typically obscured teaser image promoting the company’s upcoming hardware.

While we’re expecting the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 Plus, the translation of the Korean text leads us to expect something else as well – it reads “February twentieth”, and “the future unfolds”.

Samsung’s been talking about their plans to launch a foldable smartphone for a while now, and this looks like the best sign yet that we can expect it at the company’s Unpacked event next month.

Source: Samsung Newsroom.