After beginning the rollout of their Android Pie update for the Galaxy Note 9 in Germany earlier this month, it appears the update may be delayed in other markets.

The reports have surfaced thanks to revised date estimates on Samsung’s wholly owned Turkish portal Guncelmiyiz, which shows an the update due to rollout from February 1st.

The planned rollout for the Android Pie update, which also includes the newly announced OneUI was originally planned to begin rolling out to users from January 15th.

The dates outlined on Guncelmiyiz are specific for Turkey, however appear to be indicative of Samsung’s global update strategy. The local carriers here in Australia show no Android 9.0 (Pie) update listed as in testing for the Galaxy Note 9, with a December security patch the most recently approved update.

Galaxy Note 9 in Germany have already received the full Android Pie update over the past couple of weeks which has apparently gone well as no major issues have been reported. There’s likely some reason for the delay, but it doesn’t seem to be a prolonged one. We will keep an eye out any further updates as they come to hand.

Source: Guncel Miyiz (via Google Translate).
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I checked yesterday morning at work & pie update was available, wanted to wait till I got home so I could download over WiFi. When I got home however, the update was no longer available. They must have pulled the update sometime yesterday.




It’s rolling out wider than Germany with unbranded devices in Australia.
I think you need to do more research and update your article.


More info: In my Samsung Members app under notices, it says that Pie will be coming in Feb. Can anyone here who has received Pie confirm whether their Notices state the same?

No matter how many times I check for an update, I’m left wanting.

Ron McLeod

Yes downloaded last night, now Samsung pay won’t work.


I’m unlocked 512 bought from Samsung, still no update.


the unlocked note 9 got the update but people who got the phone on a plan need to wait for the update


I was checking for updates on my note 9 last night (i always have auto update turned off) , And there was the notice for software update . I checked my data to see how much I’d used for the month and turned off wifi , And hit the download button . Watching 1600 mb download in about a minute and a half 😁 . Holy speedy data down load batman , wow ! Still took a while too process all the data once it was downloaded as expected , But wowzer, a speedy download via Telstra . So far… Read more »


Note 9 outright and I got it yesterday
Seems alot like iOS to me but


Unlocked 128gb has it too.


Also receivwd today and installed Maybe remove the article.


Already installed Note9 512gb Australia. Software update information
Size: 1610.14 MB
Security patch level: 1 January 2019

Tom Anderson

Unlike the other commenters, there’s no No te9 update for me on Optus…


Me either I have 128gb on Optus no update


I got the update, Australia Note9 512gb (unlocked)


Downloading now for note 9


Just got pie update Australia unlocked 512gig


Just checked my Note 9. I got the update. Unlocked 512gb