In 2019, benchmarks mean nothing when it comes to the user experience with a phone but one thing they are good for is for glimpses of possible upcoming hardware in devices.

Overnight a new benchmark result has been found for the rumoured upcoming Google Pixel 3 XL Lite. We have seen previous sources confirm the presence of not just a Pixel 3 XL Lite but also a Pixel 3 Lite and today’s leak lends credence to the rumoured processor – a Qualcomm Snapdragon 710.

The Lite versions of the Pixel 3 has been rumoured at some times to have a Snapdragon 670 in tow and others a Snapdragon 710. If it is the SD710 you would expect it to perform admirably, with Google’s light Pixel software at an attractive price point. This may help it to compete with phones such as OnePlus and Xiaomi in India where the mid-premium smartphone market is dominated by these two mid-price range companies.

The surprising thing in this benchmark result is not the processor but the RAM about. It is recording the Lite version of the Pixel 3 XL to arrive with 6GB of RAM — 50% more than that in the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3XL full versions. Since release Google has copped a lot of flack for the lack of RAM and the resultant poorer user experience from just 4GB of RAM. It stands to reason that they increase the RAM to allow for better multitasking among other things. At least Google are not doubling down on their assertion that 4GB of RAM is enough for a premium smartphone these days.

Of course benchmark results can be easily faked to you can take what you want from this leak and although it is too late for our Pixel 3 phones to arrive with a satisfactory amount of RAM it means that Google are actually paying attention to the real world feedback they have been getting.

It is extremely unlikely we will see the Pixel 3 Lite phones here in Australia there are always grey-market importers if you are interested. Maybe one day we will see Google bring them here. Would you be interested in a mid-range Pixel phone?

Source: PhoneArena.