The ‘At a Glance’ widget on Pixel phones has been a great addition for many users, but if it doesn’t work it’s useless and this is what’s happened for users on the latest Google app Beta over the weekend.

The widget is available for Pixel phones, as well as through third party launchers which have adopted the information stream into their own UI and it’s been broken all weekend for users on all handsets with the latest Google app Beta.

The updated Google App Beta v9.02 has been identified as the culprit due to the weather returning to the widget once users leave the Beta and then uninstall and re-install the Google App. Of course if you decide to rejoin the Google App Beta group and update you will lose your weather again.

There’s many users who’ve seen the issue and reported it on the Google Product forums, again and again and again, so if you’re affected then you can add your voice to one of the many forum posts.

This is the price we pay for joining Beta programs, and of course the fix for now is fairly simple. If you’re not worried about the weather you can of course simply wait for Google to get around to fixing the issue which should happen rather swiftly…we hope.

Via: Android Police.
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    I don’t use Google weather but I hear it is not very accurate anyway.

    I hear that Apple’s weather isn’t great either.

    Dean Rosolen

    No great loss for me since I hardly ever paid attention to the weather. Would be nice if I could have the time on it in place of the weather.