Today a couple of Google Pay users have reported a strange error message, as shown above.

In particular, we have seen the error affecting ANZ and Westpac customers. It’s unclear if the issue is affecting some or all customers, or if the issue is widespread or localised.

So far as we’re aware, two Ausdroid users have reported issues. It doesn’t appear to be applicable to all customers of particular banks. Duncan, for example, banks with ANZ and reported his Google Pay card stopped working. I also bank with ANZ and have had no problems earlier this evening.

It does seem as if it could be quite localised, but we’re putting this out there: have you seen problems with your Google Pay profile in the last day or so? It doesn’t seem to be any one bank, or any one particular kind of device. Two of these failures just within Ausdroid in a short period of time suggests something else went wrong (even if only temporarily).

Let us know below in the comments. We’ve also approached Google for comment on this unusual issue, and will come back to you if we receive any further insight.

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Gary Hunter

Westpac user here have had to fallback to Samsung pay as Google pay consistently fails. Looks. As is. Accepted then immediately reversed. No help from Google pay support who stopped just short of recommending I upgrade my Galaxy S7


My transaction got declined multiple times even though I had enough money on the card with Bankwest


I just received a declined notification for Google Pay for an uber trip I took last night. No idea why, as my account has more than enough to cover the charge. I’m with ING as well, so I’m not sure if this is even related tbh, but who knows?

Hugo Brown

Hi no problems with my GooglePay I just used at my local IGA in Sydney.

I have Visa Debit with SCU (Sydney Credit Union)

Joseph Gould

Mine hasn’t worked for a couple of months now. It suddenly gave me this error upon payment so I’ve had to switch back to the CommBank App


Used yesterday and today, no problems at all, I’ve got a Westpac card and Google Pixel 3 XL phone, Google pay is so easy.👍

Jaimie Hunt

I’ve had this issue for around 1 week now. I’m using a commonwealth card.


No issues with using CBA card and Google pay. I used it in few places yesterday.


Probably unrelated, but the error is the same.
I’ve had this problem for about half a year now. The card (Westpac) was removed from my Google Pay a month or so ago and I can’t add it back.

Westpac Media Relations

Hi ERC, it’s Westpac here. Sorry to hear you have been having trouble with Google Pay and thanks for bringing this to our attention. We would like to help you fix this. So we can help, could you please email your name, postcode and phone number to [email protected] and we will ask one of our tech specialists to contact you? We tested Google Pay this morning and it was working so we’d really like to fix this for you so you can continue to make purchases on your device! Thanks again and thanks Chris from Ausdroid for bringing this issue… Read more »


Westpac. I’ve been using my Galaxy S5 for ~8 months with G Pay and reset my phone recently. It updated to Android 6.0.1 and although cards are entered onto it, the credit card comes up with “Need to verify with the bank” and gives the 13 number. Numerous phone calls followed, another 1 to Google who attempted a 3-way conversation with little luck. I’ve been into the Branch a number of times. The verification money is withdrawn from the bank (and goes back in pretty quickly) but I still can’t use it. My Classic card is fine. No one seems… Read more »


Same issue here with pixel 3a