OPPO have been pushing the boundaries with their innovative technology of late and are set to continue this with a new optical zoom technology to be announced tomorrow.

OPPO introduced their 5x lossless zoom technology to us a couple of years ago but it has yet to make it into any smartphone of theirs. OPPO have sent out invites to an event tomorrow where they are expected to announce a new 10x optical zoom technology. The invite lists tomorrow’s date along with a tag in Chinese that translates (according to the Verge) to: “ten times the view, see you soon.”

While no specifics regarding the new technology have been revealed just yet, we would assume that the new 10x technology will use light refraction in a reflective prism to achieve this 10x technology. It is also unclear whether OPPO will be releasing this in any smartphones this year but given their penchant to innovate in their Find range it would not surprise us to see it debut in a new Find X model.

One thing to keep in mind is that the 5x zoom technology had a lens system that was 5.7mm thick. To be able to be installed in a modern smartphone it would have to be a lot thinner by the time you include all the other hardware and display that needs to fit in there.

Hopefully if OPPO do announce this new technology it will be something we see make it into a product and not just sit on the shelf as another accomplishment of their R&D team that never makes it to market.

Source: mydrivers.
Via: GSMArena.
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Sujay Vilash

What I would like to see from OPPO is timely security updates. Not too fussed about Android version updates.