WhatsApp are (despite some failings, like multiple device login capabilities) are one of the biggest messaging platforms on the planet alongside Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Telegram and Viber. They’re continuing to offer new functionality to their user base in an attempt to stay ahead of the pack and it appears the next major change is potentially fingerprint authentication to access messages.

Privacy is an important feature of many smartphones but if a person has your phone unlocked they can often read all your messages, something you may not want. This will be addressed soon if the WhatsApp beta info site is to be believed with the offering of adding either fingerprint or device credentials to access your messages thereby improving the security as well as your privacy.

There’s no ETA yet according to WABeta, but they seem very confident it will arrive in an update soon.

This feature is in an alpha stage of development and it will be available in future for any Android user having Android Marshmallow (and newer) and a fingerprint sensor. No ETA available.

Do you think you need fingerprint security on your messaging apps?

Source: WABeta.