Yesterday we saw a leak that hinted that OPPO were set to announce a new 10x optical zoom and they did. But that was not the only new technology they demonstrated at their event today in Beijing, showing off some innovative in-display fingerprint sensor technology.

Firstly, the 10x zoom is achieved using a similar prism-style technology to that they used for the 5x optical zoom, which incidentally never made it into any mass produced smartphones. The new 10x optical zoom is accomplished with what is effectively three lenses in one which can perform ultrawide photography and zoom into a telephoto lens as well.

Image credit: The Verge

After showing off this new technology OPPO also showed off their new fingerprint technology. Sure in-display fingerprint technology is nothing new but when a company shows off an active fingerprint sensor area that is 15 times larger than any other in-display fingerprint sensor. The end goal of the new technology is to obviously be fast, be totally natural and unobtrusive to the user.

As you can see in the video above, the technology is not quite as fast as you would hope for but the ability to touch the display anywhere to wake it up AND unlock it is something unique. Hopefully OPPO can bring BOTH of these technologies to market this year. I would love to see an OPPO Find X2 with a half display (or more) fingerprint sensor and 10x optical zoom technology added to the already innovative hardware.

OPPO are expected to show off these new technologies at MWC this year and you can be sure we will be at the front of the queue to check this out and bring all the details to you.

Source: PhoneArena.