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Google Pixel 3 Lite video review appears online, revealing everything


The Google Pixel 3 Lite is hardly a secret. We have seen images of it leak as well as 360 degree CAD renders. Today a Ukrainian Android website has published a video review on YouTube of the new Pixel 3 Lite.

The new video, as you can see below, is a fairly extensive review talking about not just the build of the device and the internals but also the software experience with it.

The phone is most definitely a Pixel 3 Lite and it matches all the leaks we have seen so far of it. The build of it is plastic rather than the premium glass/metal flagship Pixels and the slots on the outside are different. There are no longer any front firing speakers, instead a single speaker is located on the bottom of the device, alongside the USB-C slot.

The top of the device has a headphone jack which will keep many of the those still clinging to their wired ways happy. The power button is now a bright yellow for the white version and the SIM card slot is on the side now rather than the bottom.

Inside the phone are, as expected, mid range with a 5.56 inch 18:9 display with a 1080 x 2160 pixel resolution. The processor powering it is a Snapdragon 670 along with 4GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage. There is once again a single camera on the rear (12.2MP) and this time a single front facing camera of 8MP. The battery is just 2915mAh but according to the reviewer gives about the same battery life as the standard Pixel 3 phones.

There is no mention of the price nor its release date but the reviewer expects the phone to be revealed at Google I/O 2019 and given that is still several months away we expect to hear a lot more about this phone and it’s big brother the Pixel 3 XL Lite (if it actually exists) before then.

What do you think of the Pixel 3 Lite? Would you consider one and what price point do you think Google will aim for with it (although it is unlikely to make it here to Australia, more for emerging markets such as India)?


    1. The listed specs do very much make this a “mid-range” phone but to me there are way too many compromises and I don’t see it is going to be able to compete very well against the Xiaomi and Oppo offerings. Sure it is a google phone will get updates quickly but an Android One based phone will give the same with possibly better specs or at least offer better value.

    2. Looks like the video has been removed or more likely hidden. I am guessing they made a mistake and posted the video before the embargo had lifted.

    3. I just wish Pixel supported USB-C to HDMI, then this would be near to the perfect phone for me (just moved the headphone jack to the bottom please :p )

    4. I want one, I cannot afford to buy the latest most expensive phone, but that doesn’t make me an idiot, I like cardboard VR photos, in a Daydream viewer, in the old days we’d get the Nexus 7, 2013, with good hardware, for the time, I want the hardware tweaks, the software tweaks. It’s not just about speed, it’s about tailoring the chip architecture, sensors, so that they use the screen, WiFi, properly, I have a Pixel 1 XL, does Daydream fine, only costs $250 Australian, can run night sight, I recently bought a Tango tablet, for $160, it has a 256 graphics processor chip. I just wish they’d kept supporting the Nexus 9, it’s still a powerful device, now you can get lineage 16 for it, Android 9 Pie, that beautifully slender screen, small bezels, fast reactions, 64 bit chip, but I got an iPad 2017, because it was only $440 new, with the latest software and near latest hardware.

      Because google weren’t supporting vanilla tablets anymore, I hope they come out with reasonably priced chrome tablets, I love my street view, Earth, Chromecast, Android TV, 4K, but it doesn’t have to be expensive, take the chip, in the Tango, powerful, well tailored, but 4 years old. The software on my Tango, is Kit Kat, Android 4.4, in spite of all that flash, RAM, the GPU, it can model the park and make a street view, but the software is ancient.

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