The ghosts of LG’s ‘Friends’ attachments from the G5 are being heard with the rumour that the next LG phone, expected to be announced at Mobile World Congress could bring back the second screen thanks to an attachment.

Citing the usual people familiar with the matter, CNet says that the source says the phone will give users the option to add ‘a second-screen attachment’ via what sounds very much like a case. According to the source, the second screen attachment would effectively double the size of the available display.

The phone is likely the LG G8, though the source says that the ‘name hasn’t been finalized’ as yet.

CNet also confirms that the phone in question will not feature a foldable display, unlike those expected from Samsung and even Huawei this year. There will be multiple phones from LG launched at MWC, so it’s possible we may still see a phone launched with a foldable display, it just won’t be this one.

Huawei did try a second screen of sorts with an e-ink case for the P8 announced, which only ever ended up going on-sale in Asia in limited quantities.

We’re excited to see what’s coming from LG at Mobile World Congress and hopefully there’s some innovation we can get behind.

Source: CNET.