It’s been some time since we saw a Motorola Razr phone, but everything old is new again apparently with a report pointing to Motorola announcing a new RAZR phone this year.

The report from The Wallstreet Journal says Motorola is looking to re-launch the RAZR with a foldable display with a price tag around $1,500. The price tag will apparently affect production with juts 200,000 units set to be produced.

If you’re looking to acquire one of the new RAZR phones, then the bad news is that it appears that Motorola will be selling these as an exclusive with US Telecom provider Verizon.

We’ve seen the Razr brand come and go twice now, the third time may not be particularly pretty with the nascent foldable smartphone designs very much still in the experimental phase. Nevertheless, there’s value in the nostalgia for the RAZR brand and Motorola will no doubt move a few of these.

Source: Wall Street Journal.