It’s almost that time of year when students head back to school, and Vodafone has today launched a new $50 Red Plus Plan which may appeal to them, especially with a bonus discount on offer.

The new Red Plus Plan offers Vodafone customers unlimited talk and text within Australia as well as 50GB of data at full 4G speeds with a reduced download speed of 1.5Mbps after the monthly data cap is reached. Vodafone is also offering international minutes with up to 1,000 minutes on offer for their zone 1 countries including almost 20 countries, as well as 150 minutes to their zone 2 countries.

As a promotion for the new plan Vodafone are offering a $5 per month discount for those signing up before March 31st 2019. To access the discount, you’ll need to register for a UNiDAYS account to verify your student status.

Vodafone is only offering the discount on the $50 Red Plus and $50 Red Plus 12m SIMO plans. Vodafone said that they’ve looked at the most popular price point for students and their hunger for data and applied the discount to the plan they think will resonate best.

To check out the new plan you can head over to the Vodafone Australia website to check it out.

Source: Vodafone.
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    S K

    Ooooh might look into this