The recent leaks of details of the next LG smartphone, likely to be the G8 has been called into question with Ken Hong, the head of LG Electronics’ global corporate communications has taken to Twitter to say they’re not real.

There are two leaks being called into question, the first is the CAD renders, and the second is the idea of no foldable phone being launched at Mobile World Congress (MWC) next month.

Mr Hong addressed the CAD render leak of the G8 saying simply that it was ‘only a speculative rendering, before going a few rounds with Steve Hemmerstoffer through his @onleaks account on the validity of the leak. Mr Hong also responded to another Twitter user saying that the render was ‘not real’.

There’s no doubt Mr Hemmerstoffer sourced his CAD details from somewhere, however it seems the design shown in the leak may be a design from another upcoming LG phone, is a discarded prototype rather than the final product or something else completely.

Mr Hong also took time to address the rumour that LG will forgo the launch of a ‘foldable phone’ at MWC, as well as the concept of adding modular components to their smartphone lineup. Commenting on a post by Phandroid, Mr Hong simply said ‘Not true.’

There was a very ‘meh’ reaction to the design of the phone in the render due to its similarity in design to last years LG G7 ThinQ. Sales of smartphones have been declining in volume over the past few years, so companies are needing to keep innovation and new features fresh so sticking with this design and not embracing new technology such as foldable displays could be a costly mistake for LG.

Exactly what the LG G8 will be is now very unclear but we do expect to see LG announcing at least something at Mobile World Congress next month. We’ll have boots on the ground in Barcelona to check out whatever they have to show.

Source: @VisitKen.