ALDIMobile is set to launch a new family friendly option for their customers at the end of this month with their ALDImobile Family Pack going on-sale from January 30th.

The pack, which costs $80 offers families, mates or even share houses a budget option for their telco needs allowing connection of up to four numbers which can share a data pool of 40GB of data per month. Users also get unlimited calls and texts to standard Australian numbers and unlimited international calls and SMS to 15 destinations including the US, China, UK, India, France and more.

AldiMobile is offering access to a ‘Family Pack Dashboard’ with the plan, allowing the owner of the plan to limit the amount of data the other three users can can access from the shared data pool, if no limist are set data will be shared on a first come, first served basis. The Dashboard is also where you can purchase additional data for the plan with 3GB of data priced at an additional $15.

As a bonus for those signing up to the Family Pack between 30/1/19 and 28/2/19, an additional 40GB of data will be applied to your account.

Unlike some other pre-paid plans which have a sneaky 28-day expiry, the ALDIMobile Family Pack includes 30-day credit expiry. At the end of the 30 days, the unused data in your plan will be rolled over into the next month and available once your standard monthly data cap is spent.

The ALDImobile network uses part of Telstra’s 4G and 3G mobile network, so we highly recommend you check out their coverage map before making any decisions to switch carriers.

The pack will go on-sale from January 30th, so head over to the ALDIMobile website to check it out further.

Source: ALDIMobile.
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    Will this Family plan support International Roaming? Many MNVO don’t support this hence why I haven’t switched carriers from Telstra


    Optus used to offer shared family data. Then they retreated and stopped offering it.