Sonos may soon enter the headphones market, if a report from Bloomberg proves accurate.

The report is light on detail, but that’s what you expect from an early discussion on things like this from sources “familiar with the matter”.

It does make sense, though – the company recently went public with an IPO, and recently wrote to shareholders saying that half of music listening occurs outside the home. Publicly traded companies do often want to keep bringing their shareholders value, like moving into new markets where they can leverage their good name.

What’s not clear is quite how Sonos would move it’s existing app experience – bringing audio from multiple services and integrations with Google Play Music, Spotify and others, as well as the connected home multiroom audio experience – to headphones, where mobility and battery power is the name of the game.

Bloomberg says that the company’s move into headphones is still quite a way off, too – their source pegs it as next year (although you’d have to imagine that holiday-2019 would be desirable).

It’s a crowded market, especially at the high end. It’s also expanding, with new players all the time. There’s certainly room for Sonos to make a splash.

Click through to Bloomberg for the full report and analysis.

Source: Bloomberg.
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1 year ago

Sonos – These are the clowns who, many many years ago, promised Google Assistant integration in its speakers. Years later, it still hasn’t happened.

Now they’re promising other products when they still haven’t got their existing products finished. Sonos might just be the greatest vapourware company of all time.

1 year ago

“Publicly traded companies are required by law to keep bringing their shareholders value” – FTFY