Smartphone camera makers are increasingly concentrating on camera technology and Samsung is looking to stay ahead of the competition with talks apparently advancing to purchase Corephotonics, an Israeli company who designs camera systems for mobile.

Already a major investor in Corephotonics through their Samsung investment arm, alongside the likes of Foxconn and Mediatek, the company is in talks to purchase the company for between $150 million and $160 million USD according to Israeli publication Globes.

While Corephotonics doesn’t actually produce camera modules, it was reportedly behind the technology announced by smartphone camera maker OPPO at Mobile World Congress in 2017. After signing a collaboration agreement with Oppo last year, the company is also apparently behind the 10x Optical zoom technology announced just recently by OPPO as well.

The importance of camera technology in the modern smartphone can’t be ignored with dual and triple front and rear camera arrays becoming the norm. If Samsung can nab the technology for the 10x optical zoom out from under OPPO, it could be another great spec to add to Samsung’s already impressive camera specs on all their phones.

Source: Globes.
Via: Android Authority.