Many phones do not even have Android Pie yet but already we are seeing leaks of Android Q in the lead up to the first developer preview release we are expecting in the next few months.

We have seen XDA get their hands on an early Android Q AOSP build and have been fleshing out the various changes expected. Now 9to5Google have gotten their hands on an Android Q System UI APK file and have torn it apart revealing a few new changes.

One thing gleaned from the System UI APK is that it is likely that Android Q is set to be Android 10, which is hardly surprising. Inside the System UI Demo Mode there is a partial screenshot in which the clock is set on 10:10. Often clocks are set on announcement dates in promo shots but this time it seems that the time is signifying the numbering of the next version — unless Google plan to launch it on October 10.

The System UI obtained by 9to5Google and XDA have also revealed that Android Q will bring support for secure facial recognition hardware. This is revealed in a few strings found in the System UI:

<string name=”biometric_dialog_confirm”>Confirm</string>

<string name=”biometric_dialog_try_again”>Try again</string>

<string name=”accessibility_biometric_dialog_help_area”>Help message area</string>

Android Q will also bring native screen recording according to more strings. There will be an ongoing notification while the screen is recording. Other small additions will be an emergency shortcut in the power menu, small notification changes, improved privacy choices and WPA3 support.

As the ship continues to leak we are seeing more and more details of the next Android version. Nothing just yet is ground breaking but there are a lot of little tweaks and fixes that are sure to keep us happy.

In the meantime what Android Q will be called is of course pure speculation – but seeing as there are very few desserts beginning with the letter Q, I’m going with Quindim.

Source: 9to5Google.