If you’re a heavy user of Google Drive and the associated apps then you’ll know that while it’s really good 98% of the time, that 2% that is left can taint the experience with janky little bugs. All three of the major apps associated with Google Drive have seen an update in the last 24 hours.

While the “whats new” section in the Play Store for each of the apps is pretty sparse, offering only Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements as the changes – I’ve already seen significant performance improvements on the Docs and Sheets apps as well as a bug I reported on Docs now being resolved.

As a heavy user of Google Drive, it’s really pleasing to see Google continuing to update and improve the interface for users who are utilising their alternative to Microsoft Office offering.

What is currently missing from Drive for you to make it a daily use item?

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    Just received an email this morning that they are increasing G Suite price by 20% this April.

    Colin Jones

    The web versions of these apps have just seen an update as well. Mostly reskinning to be (even) more material design. I wonder if there’s been any functionally and bug fixes in them as well? Still waiting for document conversion from Office formats to get better, it’s absolutely awful most of the time!