If you’ve been on the fence over the new generation of mesh networking routers due to the price, Kogan has just announced a new system which starts shipping on February 4th for $179.

The pack includes 3x mesh nodes to place around your home to maximise coverage, with support for 100/1000Mbit speeds using IEEE 802.11ac dual-band Wifi (IEEE 802.11ac/a/n 5GHz | IEEE 802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz). Coverage appears to be decent with 2x 3dBi Internal Dual Band Antennas included in each node.

The Mesh Network points include 2x ethernet ports for WLAN and LAN connectivity meaning you can hardwire them to your network and connect a switch to each node to hardwire in devices.

The Kogan Mesh network comes pre-configured and can be set-up using the Kogan Mesh app available on Google Play, and the iOS app store. The app also allows you to set limits through parental controls similar to other mesh network options on the market.

The pack is available to pre-order now with shipping starting on February 4th, you’ll have to pay for delivery of course, but $179 is a pretty decent price for a three node mesh network setup.

Source: Kogan.
Thanks: Ahmad.
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    Not sure i’d entrust my network requirements to the Kogan ‘brand’, but i appreciate the pricepoint.

    Ross Campbell

    Had a this setup for 3 months, in fact its that good I am going to extend it further to my garage and other areas of the house by getting another 3 pack.


    Looks like a rebranded Tenda MW3.
    Exactly the same app.
    Can’t manually select bands. Always defaults to 5Ghz if the device supports it. Not great for when you need the distance.


    The thing is they cost $110 from AliExpress/eBay