Customers who buy a seat on a Qantas entertainment system Wi-Fi enabled aircraft can generate a voucher code for 3 months free access to the mid-level HD plan on STAN TV and movie streaming, until 30 April 2019 or when the allocation of vouchers runs out.

You don’t have to wait until you’re on board the aircraft to take advantage of this deal, you can do it before you fly, during the flight using inflight WiFi or just copy the voucher redemption link including voucher code and access it later. You can also save the voucher code text and enter it into this redemption website.

To get the 3 month trial voucher code, simply install the Qantas Android app (iPhone app also available) and log in with your Qantas frequent flyer details.

Qantas Airways
Qantas Airways
Price: Free

The flight/s that you have already paid for and booked will be listed in the app.

  • Tap on “View/Manage” for a flight, then tap “View Entertainment”.
  • Halfway down the screen there will be a heading “Entertainment Offers”. Find the offer that mentions STAN and tap it.
  • The offer “3 months of STAN thanks to Qantas” will appear in the app.

The terms and conditions are listed in the app and on the STAN website. Most importantly the offer is only available to people who have not previously redeemed a STAN Promotion Offer and have not previously subscribed to the STAN service.

Once you press redeem your web browser will pop up with a new tab where you can sign up and apply the 3 month free voucher.

STAN claims that three quarters of people who signed up for three months free trials end up being paying subscribers. STAN pricing is $10 (basic SD), $14 (HD) and $17 (4K) with more simultaneous devices allowed on the more expensive plans.