Huawei usually puts on a pretty big show at MWC, even when it isn’t announcing something strictly ‘mobile’. We’ve been waiting to get a glimpse of what Huawei might announce at MWC 2019, and tonight we’ve got it.

With rumours swirling the company would launch its next P-series phone a bit later in the year (like it did in 2018), we didn’t expect to see the P30 launch at MWC. It seems it won’t, but what we might see instead is a foldable phone.

At least, that’s how I interpret the image Huawei shared in its tweet this evening:

What else can we take from this?

Connecting the future seems to be a reference to either (a) making a mobile of the future – which seems more likely – or at a bit more of a stretch, (b) a phone that features the next generation of connectivity. 5G.

We’ve heard rumours of 5G foldables from other manufacturers too, so it’s not as if it’s completely unrealistic. With the recent announcement of mass-production of Huawei 5G modems (and the company’s own statement it’d release something 5G at MWC), it seems a pretty inescapable conclusion that this is a foldable 5G phone.

We now have some real technology to get excited about at MWC. With rumours LG might do a 5G-enabled LG V50, Samsung might have its 5G S10-series phone, and a Huawei 5G foldable … this could be a really, really busy MWC.

Busy or not, we’ll have the team at the show to bring you all the details once they become known.

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Daniel Narbett

And the folded image makes the Roman numeral ‘V’ i.e. 5…