If you’re someone who enjoys the great outdoors and some active adventures, the odds are you’ve at least used (if not own) a GoPro action camera.

Like any connected device, they offer a subscription service which has finally been upgraded to offer unlimited storage.

The service links to the GoPro app which automatically downloads your videos from the camera, then uploads them to the cloud storage. Prior to the upgrade to storage – users were able to upload “up to 35 hours of video” then compressed to a lower bitrate. Now there is no limitation on the storage of video and no mention in any of the T&C that there will be compression implemented by GoPro so it seems when they say unlimited, they mean it.

It’s a great option if you’re not one for uploading to YouTube regularly and a wonderful offering from GoPro for their loyal subscription users.

What subscription services do you use in your connected life?

Source: GoPro.