RIding in Hood River, Oregon w/ the Siskin/Salida

Osprey is one of the biggest names in outdoor activity carry bags, particularly Mountain Biking. Personally while some of the design is focused around bike riders, I think they sell themselves short as I know a lot of avid hikers who use nothing but their gear for a variety of reasons.

The comfort including ventilated straps for cooling, balance on your body, number of pockets which offer great protection to your personal equipment such as phones, pagers and GPS as well as the range of sizes is just a few of the reasons I’ve heard as to why they’re the preferred option for many.

The new range offers a huge variety of storage options from 1.5L to 14L which means you could go for a short smash through some local trails or pack for a full day or more, all while not having to worry about your valuable smartphone getting broken.

Raptor Series: 14L $199.95 – 10L $179.95

The Raptor series holds a 2.5L drink bladder and has plenty of capability to carry your longer ride (or hike) needs from tools, to food, clothing.
It is designed with their recognisable winged harness which gives great balance on your body when you’re on the move.

Siskin Series: 12L $159.95 – 8L $139.95

The slightly smaller pack, still capable of carrying a 2.5L drinks bladder, has a more broad focus than just riding with the shoulder strap design giving you the ability to carry and balance weight well with a protective pockets for your electronics in case you (like I’ve done a few times) come to grief when you’re out and about.

Katari Series: 7L $119.95 – 3L $99.95 – 1.5L $79.97

Smaller again but hugely lightweight and comfortable, makes this a great option for anyone looking to go for a short hike or ride without the need to carry a heap of belongings in your pockets.

Lumbar Packs: Seral $99.95 – Savu $69.95

I’ve noted in my travels that there seems to be a move away from backpacks, to “bum bags” lately which is very convenient as they’re quick and easy to get on and off your body. Very important to this type of bag is the ease of access, particularly to your drinks:

The Seral comes with an integrated 1.5 litre reservoir for hydration, whereas the Savu has two rigid pockets that make it easy to pull and replace water bottles as you pedal, so you can stay hydrated without stopping.

While it’s not an Android specific accessory range, the Osprey bags are high quality and offer great protection for devices you choose to carry with them being protected from knocks and weather. Even if you are not an avid hiker or biker there are often times you need to protect your devices from the elements and these bags offer just that.