Updates to phones are extremely common now (for reputable brands) due to the changing landscape of the mobile OS and increasingly identified security risks. Unfortunately the updates often pop up at inconvenient times, interrupting workflow or just generally annoying you. For Pixel owners this isn’t an issue moving forward as the updates just got smarter.

The first and most notable change to the update process is that while your phone is being used, the updates will pause with the note that installation will resume when your device is idle. A nice touch as it prevents workflow interruption and means your phone is available to you when you want it.

Once you have installed the update you have to restart your phone for many of the core functions to be ready for use (by system or user) but those dreaded restarts after update can take a long time to complete. Being able to schedule them for a later time makes this much easier, the one touch option to finalise the installation with a restart at 2am removes this roadblock from the updates too.

Updates are a necessary part of mobile life these days, how badly have they interrupted your days?

Source: Android Police.
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Would love it if they would fix the mic issues with the pixel. Unable to receive calls, can only receive texts ATM very frustrating!!!!
I find restarts not that long and doesn’t disrupt my daily routines.


I don’t find the restarts after updates take very long. Perhaps slightly longer than usual but just 1-2 minutes. If it is scheduled for the middle of the night will it remember alarms?


Good to see that Google is finally introducing functionality that Samsung has been offering for years!