By all reports Google is set to release two new Pixel 3 variants, “Lite” variants, to the market place in the coming weeks/months. We have seen leaks galore, including a video, and from all intents and purposes it looks extremely similar to the main Pixel 3 phones.

Reports today from mysmartprice are suggesting that the model numbers for the Pixel 3 Lite (Sargo) and the Pixel 3 Lite XL (Bonito) will be G020B and G020F respectively. The two new Lite mid-range smartphones with plastic casings rather than glass will be manufactured for Google by Foxconn and according to the latest information will be released into India “soon”.

MySmartPrice have also said that the expected price of the two new Pixel 3 Lite phones will be under INR 40,000 which is just under AU$800. Although this price is hardly, if even, mid-range, the pricing will still make a Pixel phones within reach of a lot more people.

The Pixel 3 Lite phones are expected to launch into developing markets but it would not surprise us to see Google launch them to a wider market in the future. OPPO have made a business of making top quality mid-range phones so it most certainly can be done with bulk of the market sitting within that segment.

Hopefully we will see some announcement from Google soon, possibly at MWC, regarding these phones because let’s face it, who doesn’t love some Pixel news?

Source: MySmartPrice.