Ever wondered what the next step in the connected lifestyle is? It’s possible it is here already, not just a home hub but a mobile home hub that is available to your every whim.

The Temi robot is a fascinating development which brings features of the Home Hub, Google Home, a stereo and a laptop by bringing them all together in a single device that stands 3 foot 2” tall and will link to your existing smart devices through their app.

Some of the features that have our eyes open is a built in wireless charger on the robot for your mobile devices, 8 hours of operational battery life (which surprises us given the size of it), good (on paper at least) sound for video and audio playback, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Connectivity, a 10.1” screen for playback (including video playback, calls and control of the robot) and all running on a Linux OS.

We’ve had contact with their team and will be looking to get a bit of an introduction to Temi at Mobile World Congress in a couple of weeks time.

What functions of Temi interest you? Can you see yourself using this IRL?

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    Were you able to get more information at Mobile World Congress?


    If I won lotto, I would build a connected technology centric home from the ground up.

    Then, I would get this little guy to keep me company as my own butler, call him Alfred, and then spend the rest of my money on crime fighting tech.