Huawei has confirmed that it will launch its next P-series phone towards the end of March 2019. The company will hold a special event in Paris, exactly one year after it launched the P20 in France’s capital.

The confirmation came at the end of an otherwise unremarkable press release put out in Poland (of all places) about how the company will hire 100 new employees for Huawei Poland.

Though Huawei has faced some issues recently in a number of countries, the company’s consumer ambitions are undeterred. As it is in many European countries, in Poland the company is a market leader with some 33% market share). There’s a lot of love between Huawei and Europe (and perhaps, from consumers at least, a bit the other way) so it makes sense that it holds its premier device launches there.

There’s little else known about the Huawei P30 just yet. Rumours suggest the P30 will retain the triple-camera setup of the P20, but the P30 Pro may make the jump to a quad-camera array, potentially incorporating a TOF (time of flight) sensor for some 3D trickery.

With rumours of a P-series launch somewhere starting with P, Paris firmed as the favourite over Pripyat quite quickly. It seems like a safer choice.

Via: Telix (Polish Language).