Many wearable/fitness tracking companies have made fitness trackers designed for kids but no one has managed to corner the market just yet. Last year Fitbit released the Ace which was well received but is not really aimed at kids under 10 or so.

Overnight a new fitness tracker from Fitbit has leaked and it looks to be aimed at younger kids this time. The new tracker has been leaked in two very bright colours, a red/pink with green highlights and a blue with yellow highlights.

The band and surround of the display looks to be very durable and robust and obviously designed for kids who as a whole are often less-careful with their belongings. The display itself is also larger than the Ace and appears to have some fun animations on it, obviously designed for younger kids.

There is no word on when or if this will be released here but you can be sure we will be keeping an eye out for more information on this — who doesn’t want their kids to be more active?

Source: Technobuffalo.