Nearly every manufacturer of vehicles affordable to the average person has implemented Android Auto into their infotainment systems. There has been one holdout, Toyota who, while promising they were adding it. have never gotten around to actually doing it.

Last September Toyota announced that they would be adding Android Auto to their cars as soon as October but did not provide any further details. At the Chicago Auto Show yesterday they detailed which vehicles would be receiving Android Auto compatibility.

  • 4Runner 2020-
  • Aygo 2018-
  • Sequoia 2020-
  • Tacoma 2020-
  • Tundra 2020-
  • Yaris (Europe Only) 2019-

Most of the cars are upcoming models and there is no word whether it will be possible to upgrade older models to the new system. There is no word whether Android Auto will make it to our shores but we expect it to once it rolls out to more cars.

If you own a relatively recent Toyota why not ask at your local dealership and send a message to their head office: let them know you want Android Auto in your car — afterall Toyota’s in-car infotainment system is woeful.

Source: 9to5Google.
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how the f–k is it so hard for these auto manufacturers to just bung in AA + Carplay. Its not rocket science, the thing is f–king packaged up ready to go and you can go buy a 500 dollar head unit that works perfectly from supercheap auto lol so how hard is it to shove it in every single camry, corolla etc.


Thank god, Toyota probably has the worst infotainment system of any car manufacturer

Tango India Mike

Aren’t these all U.S only models??


Mine is 2017 RAV4. I’ll send a message to them.


Australia is excluded at this point, we get different infotainment systems to the US market. They intend to add it as soon as they can, but it won’t be backdated — so don’t expected to see it on your 2017 model.

Tango India Mike

Thanks Mike. I thought that was the case….I genuinely wish Toyota would catch-up on this as I’d be interested in a Hilux but without Apple Carplay or Android Auto it’s already out of date.


I’ve been looking at getting a head unit installed in my Suzuki in lieu of getting a replacement car just for Android Auto, reasonable prices and models available


You don’t touch it much, most of the functionality is voice driven, basically changing channels / stop+start that’s about it. Though mine has a hardware volume knob and skip tracks which I love.