+ Saturday January 25th, 2020

What’s the time? Time for year another Samsung Galaxy S10 leak. Seems to be that time a lot lately as the Samsung Galaxy S10 boat has cracked open so many holes it is leaking like a sieve. Tonight though we get the clearest view we have seen of the Galaxy S10 and the S10e.

The leaker who provides nothing but first class renders for leaks, Evan Blass (aka @evleaks), has once again provided us with some unblemished renders of the Galaxy S10 and S10e. True to form there is no watermark hiding anything at all on the devices:

Do these photos tell us anything new? No. What’s left to learn about the phone? We see the power button on the S10 but on the S10e is it recessed and doubles as a fingerprint scanner so it is not visible from front on. Once again the Bixby button lives to fight another day (and annoy us for another generation of phone). Dual camera on the S10e and triple camera on the S10 as expected.

Another day, another leak. Doesn’t seem to stop. Anyone long for the days when phone launches presented us devices we knew very little about? Devices that made us ooh and ahh as we saw and heard new features unknown before then? But then what we have to write about and what would you have to read?

Source: @evleaks.

Scott Plowman   Editor


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Tibb So
Ausdroid Reader
Tibb So

Read an article the other day saying that 5G in Australia won’t be the same as used overseas until 2021 so getting a 5G handset here this year is almost a pointless exercise. Is this Ausdroid’s understanding? Any other readers see that article?

If true, I guess I can recommend the Galaxy S10 to friends and family now.

Ausdroid Reader

5g in 2021 will still be awful.

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