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There’s more to the world of telco than Telstra, Optus, and Vodafone. While they aren’t as well known, there’s a whole heap of smaller providers – Mobile Virtual Network Operators, or MVNOs – who resell access to the same networks, often at a cheaper price.

Since these telcos aren’t as widely recognised as the big three, we’re going to look at some of the best big data plans from some of our favourite smaller providers.

SIM-only plans with at least 10GB

There’re a few great deals worth calling out here. If you’re okay with committing to a 12-month contract, Jeenee Mobile has one of the best bang-for-buck plans here. $22 per month gets you 15GB of data, but you will have to commit to a 12-month contract and pay $12.37 in setup fees.

This plan also has one inclusion you won’t get anywhere else: warm fuzzies. On top of being a telco, Jeenee Mobile is a charitable organisation that donates phone plans to Australians living with disabilities.

If you’d prefer a 15GB plan with no contract, Spintel will do $15 for $29.95 per month.

Alternatively, Yomojo’s new 10GB plan will set you back $29.90 per 30-day recharge. While this may be less data-per-dollar, bundling multiple plans on the same account gets you a discount. If you sign up for two or more Yomojo plans, you’ll save a minimum of 5% on your total monthly bill.

Jeenee, Spintel, and Yomojo are all powered by the Optus network.

SIM-only plans with at least 30GB

Vaya is a great choice if you need even more data. $44 per month gets you a no-frills 30GB with no-contract. Vaya is powered by the Optus network.

If you’d prefer Telstra network coverage, Boost Mobile is an excellent option. $50 per recharge buys you 32GB of data. You’ll also get a bonus 23GB on your first five recharges, which takes you to a total of 55GB.

SIM-only plans with at least 50GB

If you’re after an obnoxious amount of data, smaller providers won’t leave you in the cold. Vaya is again a good option when it comes to no-contract plan. $56 per month gets you 50GB. If you’re okay with committing to a six-month term, you’ll get an extra 10GB each month.

Sir Alex Choros   Managing Editor at WhistleOut


Alex is Managing Editor at WhistleOut, a mobile, internet, broadband, and everything comparison site which allows readers to compare mobile plans, broadband offerings and more to work out the best deal on offer.

He also happens to be a top bloke, and we love working with him.

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Paul Walker
Paul Walker

These Whistleout charts only show carriers that give them an affiliate fee. Because of this they miss out some of the better value plans. For example, my current Kogan plan is very competitive against those listed here but does not feature.

Leon Kernan
Ausdroid Reader

“Spintel will do $15 for $29.95 per month.”

That doesn’t sound like a good deal 🙂

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