It’s been a welcome return to form for Nokia through HMD global across the last 18 months or so and that impressive run of devices looks set to continue with the Nokia 8.1 being announced for Australian release this morning.

The Nokia 8.1 is HMD Global’s latest edition to their mid to upper end phones. It arrives with their PureDisplay technology in a 6.18″ 1080P display. The Zeiss Optics in the dual camera allow for 20MP AI photography in both day and night.

Inside the Nokia 8.1 is a Snapdragon 710 processor and a battery that promises two day battery life from a single charge. As per usual with a Nokia phone of this calibre it runs Android One with the guarantee of three years of monthly security patches and two major OS updates — not bad when it is already on Android 9.0 to begin with.

It will be available in Blue/Silver and Steel/Copper from both JB Hi-Fi and Officeworks for $699 on the 21st of February.

Our recent experiences with the Nokia range of phones has been very good and this to be much of the same from Nokia — a great phone at an attractive price.

Source: HMD Global Press.
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    My Nokia won’t teather to my PC the old cheap phones did without Mitch trouble

    Adam J

    Ah Nokia, as predicted you are once again missing conveniences. No wireless charging and no water/dust rating.


    Too bad they’re not fixing the wifi issues with the 7plus very disappointed and wary of buying a phone from yhem.

    David Anderton

    This vs an LG v30+


    If like the idea of getting the latest version of Android, coming to you soon after it’s released, updated for years to come, there are only two ways to get it:

    1. Buy a Google Pixel phone
    2. or buy a Nokia

    All other phones mess with the interface and delay the updates.



    Pie was months late for Nokia and some models are still waiting for it I believe.

    Nokia are better than most but they are certainly not good nor would I put them on anywhere close to the same tier as google.


    Is this identical to the international version i.e the version available now on Kogan? I realise the $100 premium for a local purchase (over the Kogan price) may be of value to some, but that $100 saving is a pretty good inventive if it’s the same product?


    Is it now available in Africa


    What’s the deal with the notch? Is it hidden by default and can’t be shown like some other Nokia phones?

    If it has a notch which I can see faintly from the photo that it does, I actually want to use the phone with the notch and not have it hidden by Nokia by default.

    Any chance you can find out more information on how the 8.1 will be available to Australian users in regards to the notch?



    My guess is that you won’t be able to unhide the notch, just like on the AU version of the 5.1 Plus.


    honestly, I think this is how the notch should be! We should be seeing it as two extra little pockets of screen for things like the clock and battery stats. To elevate that data out of the content area. Rather than seeing the notch as a void dipping into the content area.


    Not a bad looking phone, though I missed at first there actually is a notch in there, a considerably wide one, though not too deep