Amazon has been aggressively extending their range of connected and IoT devices since the launch of the Amazon Echo. Keeping with that trend the Internet giant announced today that they are buying the makers of the Eero WiFi Mesh router system. For those not familiar with the Eero, it is a mesh router similar to the Google WiFi system.

Eero isn’t officially retailed in Australia and the only way to get it is via either a reseller or a re-shipper so we’re not expecting this to have a huge impact on Australian customers right now. That said Amazon has stated that nothing will change for any customer with there being no plans to change the product as it is.

While Amazon currently states they have no plans to change the existing product that doesn’t mean that any future developments many not be corralled into the larger Amazon IoT strategy. With Amazon acquiring Ring earlier last year, and with the Echo range continue to grow and expand it’s not to hard to see a pathway to Amazon launch a fully integrated solution over time.

Over all I’d in favor of a little competition, however I’m still scarred over the messaging space and I can foresee a world of IoT walled gardens where you’ll be restricted to which IoT products will work within your chosen ecosystem, fun times ahead.