Gmail has always offered a number of ways to interact with your mail. You can use the web app, or an app on your phone. You can use a full-blown desktop mail client (like Outlook), or others too.

When using the web app, there’s the typical icons to archive mail, delete, reply, etc, but there’s also handy shortcut keys to move things quickly (a for reply all, e for archive, for example). However, one option which didn’t exist was a useful right-click menu.

The right-click menu has been around for a while, but it didn’t do much. You can archive mails, mark them as read (or unread), or delete them. That’s about it.

Today, that changes. Google is making changes to Gmail in G Suite to roll out right-click menus to everyone, and it’s happening quickly.

New options will include reply, reply all, forward, moving to labels, labeling without moving, muting, finding emails from the same person, and more. There’s even the option to open multiple emails in new windows at once. Cool!

These are options which I for one take for granted – I get this in Outlook, which is how I use my Gmail account – but not having it on the web view (when I’m using a different computer) is a real pain in the neck.

Fortunately Google is addressing this pain point for users.

The roll-out begins today, and should be available to all rapid release customers within two weeks. For everyone else, the new feature should be available from 22 February 2019, give or take a few days.

No timeframe has been specified for normal (non-G Suite) users of Gmail, but if past trends hold true, it’s likely these new features will be in normal Gmail in a couple of days.

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Nice, these UI changes are actually pretty useful!! Thanks Google.

Still don’t understand Label’s? I get its easier for people to sort but I just use our CMS, that way nobody ever needs to read said email again, instead whatever required happens. Or I reply and create myself a follow-up.