Select Harvey Norman, Optus, Vodafone (Mo’s Mobiles) and Omni Tech (NZ) outlets have partnered with ZAGG to deploy the innovative InvisibleShield on Demand (ISOD) service in Australia and New Zealand.

This is a win for retailers and consumers because ISOD offers retailers the ability to instantly produce a variety of screen protection films for virtually any device from a smartwatch to a 17-inch laptop.

I attended a demonstration of the ISOD at the ZAGG Sydney office where they explained the different screen protector options and placed some on my tablet and phone to show how fast the process was.

Some people prefer glass screen protectors but I like film because I’ve had to deal with removing stuck on glass screen protector shards (a different brand not ZAGG) from a relatives phone screen before. It was not a fun process to remove all of these involving several hours of stress using a small rubber pick and small hammer.

In comparison as you can see below as an experiment it took literally 5 seconds to rip off the ZAGG ISOD film from my phone.

“With cuts available for more than 4,000 devices, including smartphones, tablets, wearables and laptops, ISoD will significantly increase sales opportunities for our retail partners,” said Lars Grip, VP of Sales, APAC, ZAGG International.

“Whether you own the latest iPhone or an old Android, we’ve got you covered with InvisibleShield’s industry-leading scratch and impact protection.”

Ausdroid covers a broad range of Android and other devices so it was useful to search the ISOD database and see that screen protectors could be printed on the spot for Xiaomi, Huawei and Garmin not just the big 2 players Apple and Samsung.

In fact, further questioning revealed that ZAGG has advance “Device Access Agreements” with the large phone OEMs shown below as well as others including OPPO which they recently signed a deal with.

That means retailers should have screen protectors the same day that new devices launch and wouldn’t need to turn a customer away because they don’t have a screen protector for their device.

“At Mo’s Mobiles, our goal is to provide a superior customer experience. We never want to be in a situation where we have to turn a customer away because we don’t have what they’re after,” said James Walkley, General Manager at Mo’s Mobiles. “Having the ability to cut nearly any screen protector to accompany any device with InvisibleShield On Demand is a huge help in delivering on our customer experience goals as a business, but also a significant contributor to our accessory sales.”

The only catch with ZAGG InvisibleShield on Demand at the moment is finding out which Harvey Norman, Optus, Vodafone (Mo’s Mobiles) and Omni Tech (NZ) store nearest you is offering the service.

Until there’s a website where you can search for it, we suggest calling your nearest branch of these stores and asking if they have ZAGG InvisibleShield on Demand before driving there. If you’re in Sydney the Vodafone franchisee Mo’s Mobiles is a good bet to have the ISOD machines already.

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Harvey Norman has no idea about this, no head office number to contact and don’t even bother trying to use their chat feature to ask total disappointment, oh and even contacting ZAGG direct, even they dont know who is using their product in Australia, total waste of time.

Ross McInnes

Ross here from ZAGG. If you would like a list of retailers for any product I would be happy to provide. We have a full understanding of what retailers are stocking what product and would be more than happy to assist.
Feel free to email me directly so I can support:
[email protected]


Thanks, Ross, I will send you an email.

Trevor Boughton

I have samsung s3 10inch with plastic screen protection for 18 months no problems.


Thanks for the tip about the stylus.

Phill Edwards

Sounds interesting. Does anyone have any experience of how effective this invisible shield wrap is at protecting the screen from a drop?


Good question and the cost?