+ Wednesday November 13th, 2019

The mobile market is a minefield of rumours, renders and guesswork at this time of year prior to MWC. Many of those rumours are on foldable phones, and we’re about to see another one.

Nubia (a ZTE-owned company) is set to join the number of manufacturers announcing foldable smartphones in Q1 2019, with a teaser for a folding phone included in their MWC 2019 advertising.

While the “Flex Your Life” slogan could have a number of meanings, let’s be realistic here – foldable phones are coming, and that’s more than likely what it will mean here. ZTE has already ventured in to foldable phones last year, with the ZTE Axon M, but it didn’t feel as polished.

With foldable OLED dispays shown off widely already, we’re expecting a foldable phone from Nubia to go a step further than the ZTE Axon M and have a properly foldable display.

We’ve got a large team heading to Barcelona for the Mobile World Congress in a weeks time, so we’ll be working hard to get to all of the booths and press events to share all the news and goodies.

What do you want to know about foldable devices once we get some hands on time?

Source: Android Community.

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Phil Tann

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