Viber adds limited edition heart shaped video feature for Valentines Day

Viber Valentines Day

Viber is spicing up the way people can say “I love you” to friends, family, and loved ones through chats. For this valentines day, it has crafted a fun and engaging way to convey love and from anywhere in the world with its limited edition heart-shaped instant video feature, available now for all users until this Friday (15th February 2019).

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Viber Valentines Daymore

The instant videos feature is a 30-second video message that Viber users can record and send instantly to their partner, lover or family, simply by holding the instant video icon to record, and releasing it to send to their Valentines.

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Ofir Eyal, COO of Viber has said that:

“In 2018 alone, users globally sent over 6 billion love-related stickers and GIFs combined to express their love, heart, and emotions to those they wanted to share it with,” and that “With Viber, connecting now goes beyond touching base online. It means connecting emotionally to those you love and think about most, and by using our special heart-shaped instant videos this Valentine’s Day, users can make a lasting impression from anywhere in the world.”

You can watch a video explaining the new feature in Viber below:

As stated, the feature is available now for all Viber users until this Friday, 15th February 2019. So if you’re a Viber user and want to get your cupid on for your special Valentine tomorrow, then this might be a good way to show your special someone some love.

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