Google to release a Pixel Watch, a new Google Home and a Nest Camera alongside the budget Pixel 3 phones

Last year we heard rumours of a Pixel Watch to be released alongside the Pixel 3 phones but that did not eventuate apparently due to delays. Now there is a report that it will be released this year alongside a host of other new Googley hardware.

Nikkei Asian Review, which was been accurate with some Google-related rumours and reports in the past, is today reporting that not only will Google be releasing the new budget Pixel 3 Lite phones but also some other interesting hardware. The budget Pixel phones are no surprise as we have even seen hands on videos of them in recent times as Google attempts to draw more uses into its ecosystem. It is expected to be priced lower than Apple’s cheapest iPhone.

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The Nikkei Asian Review’s sources also reported that new smart speakers, wearables and web cameras will be arriving this year (as well as the premium Pixel 4 too of course).

There is little mention of the Pixel Watch aside from its existence. The report said:

The company will also roll out ……. a new smartwatch to compete with the Apple Watch.

Google Home will also see an update according to the report. It is unclear whether this means an entirely new speaker or just updated specs to the old one but we expect Google to bring an entirely new speaker with the same design cues as the original.

The new web camera from Google will occur with a rebranding of Nest after it has been integrated into the Google hardware team. This is no surprise either as Google attempts to bring all its hardware under a single banner for better brand recognition.

While there is little detail to this report the rumourmill is just beginning and what better place to begin than a device’s existence. You can be sure that Google is working on other devices as well as these but which make the final cut remains to be seen. Hopefully this year the Pixel Watch makes the cut as WearOS desperately needs a reference device that works as it should.

What Google hardware are you most looking forward to?

Last modified on 14 February 2019 5:49 am

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  • I do miss my Android, and a decent watch with continuous heart rate monitoring (at least every 5 mins) and something as secure and flexible (especially in the dark) for unlocking similar to FaceID is all I need to return home...I hope this is the watch I need, and that the Pixel 4 has what I need.

  • Oh, I am a bit more picky with the watch. Would prefer square but not holding my breath, OLED screen, NFC, GPS, LTE and really want a standardised Wireless Qi charging method. Fast charge with 2 day battery life would be ideal! Then I would have even more that this fruity watch.

    • Yes, I'd prefer a square watch too. It's function over form.

      Square makes sense for a screen. Round is harebrained.

  • @GregAndo
    Why do you want an OLED screen on a watch? What movies are you watching on it ?

    And if they do, the price will be so high that you will cry foul that's it's priced too high.

    • Most current Wear watches have OLED screens. OLED is great for wearables because it can support an ambient mode with far better battery endurance due to only lighting necessary pixels.

      • Exactly! And at night, in bed, glancing at your watch doesn't blind you and light up the room anywhere near as much as an leaky LCD screen does.

  • Yep watch is overdue. Give me an attractive functional pixel watch. Reasonably priced. Google pay, fitness tracker functionality including heart rate and sleep monitoring, decent battery life and easy to charge. Attractive design and im in

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