Amazon Australia is currently selling a wide selection of Philips Hue lights and accessories for 14-29% off.

Whether you need an extra light or want to use your existing Hue lights better via motion sensor or dimmer switch there are plenty of options available.

For readers unfamiliar with Philips Hue, it’s an ecosystem of smart lights that can be controlled via your smartphone, tablet, Amazon Alexa or Google Home speakers.


The biggest discounts of 29% are on the Hue Bridge $59.90 and Hue Dimmer Switch $23.90. You can use an Amazon Echo Plus to control very basic aspects of Hue lights but you really need a Bridge to use full functionality and get firmware updates for your lights.

The next best deals are 26% off the 2m Hue LightStrip Plus $86.90, Hue White ambiance Aphelion LED Downlight $50.90 and Philips Hue White and Colour Ambiance Bayonet Cap (B22) $54.90.

The LightStrip Plus is my favourite Hue light, I have it stuck around the back edge of my wooden TV entertainment unit, to provide bias lighting which reduces eye strain while watching TV at night.

Last but not least there’s:

  • 20% off Philips Hue LightStrip Plus Dimmable LED Smart Light – 1m Extension $30.90
  • 18% off Philips Hue Smart Wireless Motion Sensor $45.00
  • 17% off Philips Hue White Bayonet Cap bulb (B22), Philips Hue White Edison Screw bulb (E27), Philips Hue White Ambiance Edison Screw (E27) $19.90
  • 14% off the Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance Spot Light (GU10) $59.00

If you have Hue lights installed in your home we’re keen to know your thoughts about them, please let us know via the comments section.

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Andrew Mitchell

I’ve got close to 30 of them spread through the house. Combination of white and colour ambience, with a couple of light strips (one behind the TV and one running along the bottom edge of my bar) Controlled by a combination of Echo and Echo Spots, the Hue app, Harmony Remote and Stringify (take a look at Stringify if you haven’t already. It’s like IFTTT on steroids. A LOT more functionality) I’ve got a motion sensor but it didn’t work well in my situation (very high ceilings) so I’m not using it. I’ve also got a wall switch but with… Read more »

Neerav Bhatt

Stringify is so great, thanks for the recommendation

Michael Hughes

“Amazon Echo Plus to control very basic aspects of Hue lights but you really need a Bridge to use full functionality and get firmware updates for your lights.” I did not know this. Very useful to know as I was considering an Echo Plus. Thank you.


Just a heads up. Seems that Bunnings have gone and matched all these prices to avoid their price beat garuntee. An option if you don’t want to wait for shipping and have somewhere local to return if there is ever a problem.

Michael Hughes

The prices haven’t been matched on the Bunnings website, unless it’s just in-store?

Old Mate

I’ve got motion sensors on the hallway and toilet lights. You can set it so that they only activate when the ambient light falls below a predetermined level, saves having them turn on needlessly during the day. I have the lights in the kids room set to gradually brighten when it is time to get up for school, and using IFTTT I have the front door light turn on when I come home at night. I can also turn the kids room into a disco with lights synced to music when the kids ask for it. Took a little bit… Read more »


I have 8 Hue lights in various applications through the house, a combination of B22 and E27 bulbs and sensors, Im using the Phillups Hue Bridge to manage the lights in conjuction with vioce activation from Google Home Hub. In all it works well and they are fuss free to setup and operate.