Optus are working extremely hard at the moment to win market from Vodafone and Telstra, offering great deals to both prepaid and postpaid customers. Their Epic Value prepaid kit is one of those offerings and they’re doing it at 33% off their normal price of $180, down to $120.

For $120 (a one off payment, not monthly or anything) you get good included value. Let’s take a look.

The Epic Value prepaid deal includes:

  • 60gb of data to use over 12 months, which you can roll-over on recharging
  • Unlimited talk and text to any number within Australia for 12 months
  • A 365 day expiry on the plan

Who is this plan for? Well, not your data hungry consumer. A regular user of Netflix, YouTube, streaming music or just a lot of web browsing will make a sizable dent in 60GB, and that’s just in the first month.

Rather, this plan is probably more for the casual mobile internet user who needs to stay in touch; a plan that averages out to just $10 a month that includes unlimited calls and 5GB data isn’t a bad deal, but it won’t suit heavy data users.

The biggest real “catch” is the fair go policy, which for the majority of users is going to be difficult to hit with such huge allowances. However, for those that like the devil with the detail, here it is:

Optus’ Fair Go Policy ensures that all our customers can access our services, and do not use our services in a manner that we consider ‘unreasonable’ or ‘unacceptable’, including, but not limited to ‘non-ordinary’ or ‘commercial purpose use’ of this plan.

The policy also sets out your responsibilities when you use the internet, including any content which you publish online or by email. It also confirms steps we may take to ensure and monitor compliance with this policy, as well as setting out our responsibilities to comply with directions from regulatory and other law enforcement bodies.

In a nutshell, don’t go using your phone to download 60GB of torrents, and don’t go making 11 billion minutes of phone calls a year, and you’re unlikely to trip up here. Be reasonable, it’s a good deal that only disappears if people abuse it.

Here’s all the Optus prepaid plans for comparison:

If this deal something you’re keen to grab, then be quick because it’s only valid until the 19th of February in store or online.

Would a deal like this entice you to head over from another carrier or MNVO?

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Optus are rubbish, we have waited for 4 months for a firmware update on the Mate 20 Pro, the rest of the world have the latest February firmware meanwhile we are still on October initial release. Optus said that they were testing firmware and was releasing it, then came out and said that it was abandoned because it didn’t meet optus requirements. it’s now become aware that optus never had a software licence from Huawei and never had any firmware to test. They are lying deceiving pathetic company. Don’t use them.




So buy this for your child and they blow the 60GB within the first week!!
Surprisingly this deal beats the regular pre-paid 365 day data SIM $130 gets you only 50GB!!