Unfortunately Google sometimes have a hard time releasing special features on the day they are meant to be. Valentine’s Day was yesterday here in Australia but instead of releasing new Playmoji for when it is Valentine’s Day around the world they wait until it hits Feb 14 in the US.

Today, yes today, Google have listed six ways that you can use your Pixel camera for that romantic day via their blog.


Playmoji are AR characters that can be used to give an image life. Today Google have released a new Love Playmoji pack alongside two new sticker packs which feature interactive hearts, champagne glasses, animated love notes or lovebirds. While not everyone’s cup of tea sometimes it is the gesture and the message that makes all the difference.

If you are still feeling romantic or forgot all about Valentine’s Day yesterday check them out and send your significant other one of these romantically-inspired Playmoji.

Camera tips

The rest of the Google Blog is to remind you of features the Pixel has that make it suited for romantic images.

Don’t forget Portrait Mode, Night Sight to capture that romantic moment when the lights are down, the Pixel 3 has the wide-angled selfie mode, perfect for including friends or just more of the scenery into your selfie, Lens will help you to identify products, find restaurants and make a booking along with many other functions.

Last but not least was of course sharing is caring. Share all your photos from your Google Photos app to anyone you want, including the ability to make a Live Album where photos are automatically added to the album when the AI detects that person in a photo.

It may be too late for Valentine’s Day here but it is never the wrong time for a romantic gesture and although Google is late here we can still use it every other day of the year to improve our romantic game.

Source: Google.
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Aww these are super cute, I want em all!