Not all that long ago, Samsung spoke of its desire to do better with software updates, and if 2019 (so far) is anything to go by, the South Korean company is keeping true to its word.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 is receiving the February 2019 security updates in eastern Europe at the moment. Usually, once these updates start, they don’t take long to spread.

Best guess is that this update will take at least a couple of weeks (possibly up to a month) to spread as far as Australia. So what does the update offer?

Inside, Galaxy Note 9 users will find Night Mode scheduling, improved WiFi and NFC stability, some tweaks to gestures and the other bug fixes. Alongside, the update will include the standard security fixes offered by Google directly.

With Samsung’s Galaxy S10 just around the corner, we might see a change in how frequently / quickly software updates come around. Still, if they can keep it within a month or two of the security patch release from Google, I’d say Samsung is doing pretty well.

Keep up the good work!

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I received the update on my outright Note 9 today – installing as I type this.


I wonder if this will fix the camera app problems android pie introduced on all s9 and more 9 phones. Camera app can no longer record video in pro mode…Samsung has been aware since the start of January with no fix yet


I REALLY HOPE SO. I am very upset that we can no longer record video in Pro Mode. I specifically bought the S9+ for this feature. And I do a ton of video with this phone. I’ve purchase special lenses, cases, tripod and gimbal. And NOW I HATE this phone and SAMSUNG! You can’t advertise a major feature and then take it away Samsung. I paid for what you advertised, give it back or give me back my money!