+ Thursday November 14th, 2019

With multiple wearable and phone leaks leading up to Samsung’s Unpacked event next week, we thought we were done. However, today’s leak comes from Samsung itself.

Thanks to an update to the Samsung Galaxy Wearable app yesterday we’ve got our first official glimpse and confirmation of what’s in the 2019 line up for Samsung’s wearables.

From what was shown in the app we can now confirm the new active focuses smartwatch the ‘Galaxy Watch Active‘, a set of fully wireless Bluetooth earbuds the ‘Galaxy Buds‘ and a not entirely unexpected appearance of two FitBit-style fitness bands, the ‘Galaxy Fit‘ and ‘Galaxy Fit e‘. The Fit e model is interesting and is likely to be a cheaper companion device for the rumored Galaxy 10 e.

There are no specific details in the screenshots of the app, just confirmation that the range is coming.

Today’s leak was a little light on detail but high in confidence, we didn’t really learn much new except that the device is definitely coming, the question for us is which devices will be headed to Australia.

With Samsung Unpacked just around the corner and so many details already leaked out there’s not a more that can possibly leak….. right?

Source: Droid Life.

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Duncan Jaffrey

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