Samsung renders in the weeks before a launch event are like the calm before the storm; inevitable, and ever present. What we don’t often see much before a launch, though, is actual devices and today we’re in for a treat.

With every aspect of the upcoming Galaxy S10 range leaked, comprehensively, there can only be little left to surprise us. Samsung’s offering pre-orders for an ‘unannounced’ product, so really, it’s as good as confirmed in most aspects.

However, we haven’t seen one in someone’s hand yet, and now we have:

This photo, originally shared on Reddit, shows a Galaxy S10+ in someone’s hand. It doesn’t show much, but gives us a good idea of the size of the phone, the placement of the camera cutout, and the presence of a dual front-facing camera array. The wallpaper used is hideous, and it’s very obviously an internal test device, heavily watermarked in the software layer to prevent just this kind of thing from happening.

Fortunately for us (and perhaps, unfortunately for the person who’s phone this was) we can still discern a lot of detail. We can also see the minimal bezels – smaller than we’ve seen before from Samsung – which should be a true hit.

Someone’s even managed to grab the wallpaper used in the photo, if that’s your thing.

Personally, I’m sick of seeing renders, crappy photos and awful wallpapers. It’s time to bring on the main event and get this phone into people’s hands. There’s only so much hype you can build before people start to tire of it.