After it was announced back in December 2018, HMD Global has today announced that the new Nokia 8.1 is on sale in Australia.

The Nokia 8.1 has landed at JB HiFi and is on sale today for $699 RRP.

What does it offer?

The Nokia 8.1 is a genuine value flagship phone, offering HMD’s PureDisplay screen technology and accelerated performance, paired with ZEISS optics. The Nokia 8.1 is no fool, offering an advanced AI 20 MP camera, meaning users can capture stunning moments like a professional.

There are two colour options on sale in Australia – the Blue/Silver (as shown above) and Steel/Copper. Both are on sale for $699 from today. Earlier, this phone was slated to go on sale on Thursday 21 February, but the availability has been brought forward a couple of days.

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Sounds very much like a paid promo


Nokia 8.1 with same specs in India Rs 26000.00 which is AUD 515.00 it even cheaper in China somewhere around AUD 355.00. here is completely rip off by Gready Retailers.

David Anderton

Nokia sets the RRP, but yes it’s easy too expensive.

Anis Mistry

You can get a brand new OnePlus 6T for around 725 on eBay with top flagship specs. Nokia get your expectations realistic.

Jeni Skunk

That’s ebay, with no overheads. JB is physical retail. So JB prices will be higher than a grey market seller on ebay.

David Anderton

Considering JB are selling a 30+ at the moment for $479 this is way overpriced as much as I love the idea of Android One.


Flagship phone with a Snapdragon 710?
I think not.
That is a mid-level phone specification.

David Anderton

I agree, although it has a flagship camera.


It was likely copy-pasted from the media release, I doubt Ausdroid themselves would call this a flagship phone