Ahead of Mobile World Congress where we expect to see a significant number of new devices, there’s a lot of leaks happening at the major manufacturers.

LG are the latest in a long line where we’ve seen the first look at their upcoming V50 ThinQ which on the surface is going to be 5G (remains to be seen for sure) via Evleaks.


The initial look shows us a triple rear camera (the new norm…) with a rear fingerprint reader. They have yet to dispose of the notch which will annoy some potential buyers, but it’s going to be here for a while so get used to it folks…

The other interesting feature is an extra button below the volume rocker which is suggested by multiple sites to be a dedicated Google Assistant button, but nothing officially noted by LG as yet.

Unfortunately we can’t see if the device has a headphone jack or not, previously LG have provided USB C to headphone jack converters for those wanting this functionality or you can of course use wireless headphones.

Will you consider a first generation 5G device, or will you wait for the tech to mature?

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David Anderton

“previously LG have provided USB C to headphone jack converters”. On what phone, I don’t think LG have released a phone without a 3.5mm Jack because they all cone with the quad DAC


5g won’t matter for another 2 years, also that notch shows how LG is slow to keep up with industry trends.


5g sounds ok , and more performance in any way is good ,
but would i buy a device soley for having 5g ?
No .